Hiroshima University
Hydraulics Laboratory

The Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory conducts various research topics related to river planning and channel design, focusing on precipitation, runoff, hydrological cycle, river flooding, sediment transport and river environment evaluation. This lab is managed by Associate Professor Tatsuhiko Uchida, Associate Professor Takuya Inoue and Assistant Professor Misako Hatono in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Program, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Hiroshima University.


When Cluster 4 of the School of Engineering was established, the hydraulic engineering lab was managed by Prof. Akiharu Kanamaru, Associate Professor Yoshiaki Tsunematu and Research Associate Takaaki Mishima. Prof. Kanamaru retired in March 1993, and Dr. Mishima was promoted to lecturer in Feb 1994 and retired in March 1994. Assoc. Prof. Tsunematsu relocated to coastal engineering lab. Prof. Shoji Fukuoka and research assoc. Tadashi Hibino joined this lab in April and July of 1994, respectively. Assoc. Akihide Watanabe and research assoc. Hiroya Ogushi joined in April 1995. After working at Port and Airport Research Institute, research assoc. Hibino joined the coastal engineering lab as an associate professor in 2000. Prof. Fukuoka resigned in July 2004. Prof. Yoshihisa Kawahara joined the lab in Oct. 2004 and the lab was comprised of Assoc. Prof. Akihide Watanabe (~March 2006), research assoc. Tatsuhiko Uchida (~March 2006, assoc. Prof. from April 2017), and Assis. Prof. Ryota Tsubaki (April 2008 ~ March 2016).
Prof. Kawahara retired in April 2020. The hydraulic engineering lab is now joined by Assis. Prof. Misako Hatono from May 2020 and Assoc. Prof. Takuya Inoue from April 2021. Alongside fundamental research related to how water and sediment moves, research focusing on sediment and flood disaster countermeasures and river management are also conducted.


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